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Conventional Cargo Service provides breakbulk and bulk cargoes sea transportation from Continent/Mediterranean/Black Sea to Far East en route, with monthly multipurpose vessels 22000-30000mt DWT equipped crane capacity upto 70mt. The cargoes normally taken are ore,concentrate,fertilizer,steel,project equipments and general cargoes. The Owners we're in close contact with are COSCO shipping company operating a fleet of 90 vessesl consisting of multipurpose,general cargo tween deckers,heavy lift,semi-submersible and pure car carriers. This department, used to participate in the field of specialized project and heavy lift cargoes,have successfully fulfilled the shipments such as generators with 320mt/piece from Antwerp to Indonesia, reactors with 380mt/each ex Antwerp to F.East, 14 transformers with 289mt/each ex Rotterdam to Huangpu, 6 transformers with 220mt/each ex Hamburg to Shandong etc. We're foreseeing heavy lift vessels and new buildings join the service soon with lifting capacity upto 500mt. For any further informations you may be interested, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always delighted to your inquiries!